BanG Dream! AI Singing Synthesizer

The story that began 
with the Star Beat

Experienced countless dreams, 
shared countless dreams

Dreams crystallized 
and became a symphony

A story that began with the heartbeat of a star,
We have experienced many dreams and shared many dreams together.

Yumenokessho is a new multi-media franchise presented by BanG Dream!, 
a new-generation girls' band project that encompasses animations, 
mobile game, comics, and voice actress live performances.

「Yumenokessho POPY・ROSE」utilizes AI technology such as deep learning, 
to realistically reproduce the vocal qualities, nuances, 
and singing styles of Toyama Kasumi, the guitarist and vocalist of Poppin'Party, and Minato Yukina, the vocalist of Roselia.
「Yumenokessho POPY・ROSE」will keep on dreamin' with you.