BanG Dream! AI Singing Synthesizer

Bushiroad Music (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has established terms for use of content related to the Project in order to further spread the contents using the artificial singing software and that was created in the Yumenokessho Project (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”).

We ask for your understanding and cooperation so that everyone who supports the Yumenokessho Project can use the product enjoyably.

Use of this content

  1. These Terms apply to a user (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) who uses the characters, illustrations, drawings, and 3D models (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Contents”) that make up the Project. The User can use the Contents on the condition that the User complies with these Terms.
  2. In addition to these Terms, the “Guidelines for BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!” and the “Guidelines for Use of Copyrighted Materials” apply to use of the Contents. In the event of any conflict between the guidelines and the Terms, the matters stipulated in the Terms shall prevail.
  3. The copyrights and intellectual property rights related to the characters, scenarios, images, music, and videos that constitute the Contents belong to the Company or the right holders from which the Company has received the license, and such properties may not be adapted, modified, or reproduced without the Company’s prior consent.
    Provided, however, that if the Contents are used for the User’s own creative activities in accordance with the conditions of the Terms, the User may use it without the Company’s consent.

Conditions for Use of the Contents

  1. Cases of corporate or commercial use
    In case of any commercial or non-commercial use by a corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Corporate Use”) or commercial use (this refers to receiving consideration) by an individual or a company that does not have corporate status (hereinafter referred to as “Commercial Use”), please consult with the Company in advance.
  2. Cases of non-commercial use
    1. Use of the Contents for non-commercial purposes (hereinafter referred to as “Non-Commercial Use”) by individuals or companies that do not have corporate status is permitted only for the purpose of the User's own use and within the extent stipulated below.
    If the User uses the Content (excluding 3D models) for monetization on a video site, paid membership service, or live streaming service, the use will be deemed to be Non-Commercial Use.
    1. ・It can be used for video works, streaming (including YouTube), and broadcasting. It can also be used not only with the artificial singing software of Yumenokessho Project, but also with other songs.
    2. ・It can be used on social communication platforms (including VRChat, Virtual Cast, cluster, and others) and online game platforms for the purpose of the User's own use.
    3. ・In addition, it is possible to use the Contents to create derivative works (so-called fan fiction) without using the Content as it is.
    4. ・Acts of redistributing the material that constitutes the Contents (illustrations, three-sided views, 3D models, and others) as it is are prohibited.
    5. ・If you wish to use the product in any method other than those stated above, such as use in a publication or an electronic publication, use in a tangible items (goods), or incorporation into software (including games), please consult our Company.

    2. Use of the 3D models in the Contents (hereinafter referred to as the “3D Models”) is permitted within the scope of the conditions stipulated below, in addition to the conditions stated above.
    1. ・The 3D Models can be used free of charge or to the extent that they are not intended to make a profit and that they are intended to receive consideration to the extent of covering the costs of raw materials and necessary expenses (hereinafter referred to as the “Non-Commercial Fees”).
    2. ・For the 3D models in the Contents, the act of redistributing their data as it is and the act of redistributing modified data are prohibited.
    3. ・The 3D Models can be used by adjusting (reducing the number of polygons in a range in which external appearance will not be damaged, or converting the file format) or modifying (including cases of modification with this data or a part as the main element).
    4. ・You can create new costume data, texture data, and others that correspond to this 3D data. Provided, however, that when using the mesh and weights of this 3D data, the bone structures, object weight values, and elemental mesh (excluding faces) of this 3D data can be copied (repurposed) only to the extent necessary for creating the costume data for this 3D data.
    5. ・In addition, you can create derivative works that use this 3D data as a motif (so-called fan fiction). Provided, however, that using this 3D data as it is is prohibited.
    6. ・The 3D Models can be used for the purpose of modifying other 3D data.
    7. ・Acts of streaming or SNS activity by using the same or a similar external appearance and the same name as those of a 3D Model (so-called impersonation acts) are prohibited.
    8. ・Repurposing a part of a 3D Model or using it as a material to make another 3D model from a 3D Model is prohibited.

    3. When publicly releasing or distributing the Contents or a derivative work that used the Contents, please use the following license notation.
    ©BanG Dream! Project

Prohibited actions

The following acts are prohibited when using the Content:

  1. Infringement of third parties’ intellectual property rights, any other rights, or honor;
  2. Use of the Contents for acts or purposes that are contrary to public order or morals, sexual or violent expressions, antisocial acts or purposes, specific beliefs or religions, or political statements;
  3. Use of the Contents for the purpose of damaging a person’s honor or dignity, causing a person to feel uncomfortable, or discriminating against or hurting a person;
  4. Damaging the worldview of the Project or the Content, or degrading the value or dignity of the Project;
  5. The User must refrain from acting or making statements that may be mistaken for official content of the Company or the Contents; and in addition, the User must not misrepresent, contrary to the facts, that permission or sponsorship has been obtained from the Company;
  6. Acts of disassembling, decompiling, or reverse engineering of the Contents beyond the scope stipulated in the "Conditions for Use of the Contents" above;
  7. Using the Contents for any other actions deemed inappropriate by the Company.

Other conditions

  1. If the Company judges that the User is violating these Terms, the Company may have the User stop use of the Contents at any time. In such a case, the User must stop use without delay and follow the Company's instructions to dispose of, delete, or eliminate all contents that uses the Contents.
  2. There is a possibility that the Company or a third party designated by the Company will unintentionally create a content that is similar to the work created by the User. Even in such a case, the User agrees to not make a legal claim against the Company or the third party designated by the Company based on the copyrights or moral rights of the author for a derivative work of the Contents (including those related to the Contents).
  3. These Terms may be revised without advance notice. The Company will not bear any liability whatsoever for any damage that results from revision of these Terms.
  4. The Company will not bear any liability whatsoever for any damage, disadvantages, or other trouble that arises for the User because of using the Contents.
  5. In principle, the Company will not reply to individual inquiries related to these Terms.
  6. For disputes between the Company and the User, either Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court will be the court with exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance, in accordance with the amount of the suit.